Pick of the Week: Perfect Tweed Dress

Sometimes, the pick of the week picks itself. MNG by Mango's red tweed dress makes me weak in the knees. Slightly retro, but deeply classic. Buttons. Tweed. Red. See, it reduces me to lists! This is is the sort of dress you grab when you're running late in the morning and can't think about an outfit. Black tights, black shoes, and the dress speaks for itself. On sale for $64, it's a great secret weapon to keep on hand.


Susanelle said…
Yes. That is perfect.
Anonymous said…
I like the dress but always puzzles me the abundance of sleeveless dresses for fall or winter. I'd need to have a cardigan on all the time coverig part of the dress. What do you wear with this dress if you are cold while indoors?
Jael Paris said…
I prefer sleeveless dresses in winter materials because then bulky sleeves aren't fighting with jackets. You could wear a cardigan or jacket with this. I think a cropped one would look especially nice. You could also wear the dress over a collared shirt or even a long sleeved tee.

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