Pick of the Week: Silk Blouse

If you are or want to be an a professional work environment, you need a silk button-up blouse. Yes, it will need to be dry cleaned; so it's not a wear every week sort of item. However, a silk blouse is luxurious, professional and classic. They slide under jackets perfectly and won't overheat you. We're big advocates of color, but for this stick with classic white or black and work color in with your accessories. With a silk blouse in your closet, you always have the perfect thing to wear to an interview, business dinner, or presentation. The classic blouse pictured is $98 from J. Crew, but if you're willing to put in some search time you can usually find one at Goodwill or TJ Maxx.


Jennifer Wells said…
Lovely. I have a purple one, but any excuse to shop.
Susanelle said…
You can hand-wash silk... that's one of the reasons why silk is so great. I wouldn't own a single silk thing if it had to be dry-cleaned all the time.

There are lots of sites with instructions for washing silk (some people do it in their washing machines O_o).
Jael Paris said…
Really? I've gotten water spots from hand washing. Silk and highly structured clothing are the two things I will pay to dry-clean.

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