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We've been nominated in the best budget category for a Polyvore Blogger Award! Please vote for us.

We're shopping for vivid everyday bags and tough bracelets sure to add edge to any look. We also have a round up of sunny accessories, and you can vote for your favorite.

When we weren't too busy ogling Haute Couture, we rounded up ideas and inspirations from bloggers around the web. Jael has compiled tips for office modesty. Our pick of the week, shoe liners, also help avoid blisters when breaking in new shoes.

Project Runway Season 9 Premieres July 28th, and we're gearing up with and Etsy Shop from Season 3 designer, Allison Dahl. We've also started reviewing where favorite contestants are now. This week we covered Season 2's Kara Janx and her new projects. Let us know which designers you'd like updates on.


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