Pick of the Week: (We Want More) Shoe Liners

Technically, these are no-show socks, but let's not kid. They show. They peek over the tops of your ballet flats to say hi to everyone. For this reason, avoid the nude ones. They make it look like you weren't paying attention when you got dressed.

I like to think of these little guys as a shoe liner. They're a dream when you're breaking in a new pair of shoes. Since summer heat makes your feet swell and you can't always live in sandals, these are great for preventing blisters too. Plus, you can often find them for $2 at TJ Maxx.

Of course, if they were available in more than black, white, and beige, you could have all sorts of coordinating fun. When I was in Japan, I bought a pair in olive and another in mustard, and they've often been the right piece to tie my whole outfit together. Journey does have a colorful five pack, but the cotton's heavier for summer. I move we forget about catching up to Japan's robot technology and focus on their cute sock technology.


becca said…
I second that motion--cute sock technology for all foot sizes.
Anonymous said…
Haha, I also want Japanese clothes layering technology!

I have never bought those sock thingys for exactly the reason you indicated! The nude, while practical, just looks like nude spanx peeking out from an otherwise great outfit.

As for something that helps break shoes in have you ever tried body glide? It's for runners (nipple chaffing, owhch!!) and it last 12 hours. It's not like vaseline or anything else I can think of, but it coats the skin and doesn't leave it sticky and has prevented about 3 gazillion blisters for me since I discovered it!

Amazing stuff.

~ B.
Jael Paris said…
Thanks for the tip!
Fanya said…
They have those in China too! They even have the ones made of durable lace so it's like wearing no show fishnet and I have them in pink, blue, white, black and nude.

Just search for lace sock liners or lace no show socks and you should find them online. They even have them on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Light-Loafer-Liner-Slide-Socks/dp/B0041NNRAW

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