Vivid Everyday Bags

I used to have a kelly green purse. At the time, I didn't have much green in my closet so I never wore a clashing green. Because of this, my purse went with everything. It popped without clashing, and I got tons of compliments (especially from men, but I think this was because it looked like a bug or a frog). I want another vivid daily purse. Life is just happier with a bright bag. Top:
Blue Ruched Satchel, Endless, $105
Yellow Ruffled Satchel, Jessica Simpson, $88
Red Poppy Shopper, JCPenny, $39.99
Orange Crossbody Satchel, Macy's, $50.99
Pink Nylon Messenger, Nordstrom, $109.90
Turquoise Contrast Satchel, JCPenny, $39.99
Orange Boxy Satchel, Macy's, $88
Green Crossbody, Nordstrom, $78
Pink Large Satchel, DSW, $69.95


Jennifer Wells said…
I love all of these! I think wearing all black and then having a pop of color, such as a vivid green, looks really interesting.
Anonymous said…
LOVE a vibrant every day bag - thanks for listing those. The price points were incredibly reasonable.

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