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Tell us: I think clogs are vile, but becca is willing to give them a chance. Should becca be committed? Are there certain clothes you feel you can't wear? One a scale of one to ten, how robbed was Andy on this week's Project Runway?

Shopping!: It's not to early to start looking for the perfect fall coat. Discover feminine tees on Etsy.

We get around: If our fall essentials contest wasn't enough styling fun for you, try your hand at some of Alexander McQueen's more outrageous fall shoes on Polyvore. New York fashion week has already started, so expect our runway recaps next week. In the mean time, follow us on Facebook for other fashion week fun and snark.


Unknown said…
Clogs can be cute with trousers but otherwise, I find them unattractive. They are supposedly bad for your feet as well.

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