Fall Coats

You haven't even packed away the summer pool toys and we're ready to talk coats. Why? Because our coats are the only part of our wardrobes most people see for four months. If you're looking for a statement coat, now is a good time to start your hunt. (If you're looking for a steal, we'll post those later in the season.)Top: pink embroidered coat, Mod Cloth $259.99 (On back order)
tweed coat dress, YesStyle $88
floral coat with orange trim, Anthropologie $288
Bottom: red wool cocoon coat, French Connection on Bluefly $229
white ruffle coat, DKNY at Macy's $285
button detail rolled collar coat, 2xpose on Bluefly $198
funnel neck coat, Urban Outfitters $148


Annie said…
LOVE the buttons on the burgundy one. Love.
becca said…
I might get drool on the embroidered coat if I get too close to it.

When I watch Castle on TV, I spend most of the show coveting Beckett's coat wardrobe. Because they are on the go and it's NYC, wardrobe puts her in vibrant, awesome coats. I would love such a selection.
Jael Paris said…
Beckett has great jackets. Bones has fabulous trenches. Pity to get them covered in so much blood and tissue.
Paige Tanya said…
How adorable!
But I think I'm going to stick to my personal favorite, my leather Jacket. :3
Jael Paris said…
Oh, just wait Paige. Leather jackets will be making an appearance.
Laura said…
I love coat season :) and these are some great, stylish options! Love the embroidered one.

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