The Horror: Clogs

Karl, I will not abide this. You reanimated the clog corpse for spring, and unfortunately no one took a shotgun to it for fall. Instead it's creating more spawn, clomp clomping down the streets, hungry for fashion victims. Clogs aren't even the sort of shoe with such an over-the-top ugliness that it makes you stop, gag, ponder and then decide they might be fabulous in their ridiculousness. No, clogs are a boring ugly. They bloat the toes and square the arch. In their current incarnation, the high-heeled mules are out for ankles. And for crying out loud, the top is designed to look nailed to the bottom. If you make it 2007 -- the year of the oxford -- again, maybe then we can resume speaking, Karl.


rachel said…
Clogs are horrible looking. I can understand their purpose if they are a Dansko and you work on your feet all day, but as a fashion item, no.

That said, now I'm probably going to kill an hour (or more...) looking at detail shots of McQueen, followed by looking at the 2010 show, and then looking at older shows. The result will be shorting out my keyboard because of all the drool, but it will be worth it.
Sarah Dee said…
Maybe for a runway show, for real life hell no. I have not seen one clog on the street though, whew! Ya! bring on the oxford

Thank you! Everyone in the fashion blogging world is sporting clogs lately it seems, and I think they are positively awful.
Fanya said…
lol, I'm in the minority. I rather like them. I tried a couple of styles, and whether it makes you look short or tall depends on where the top of the shoe hit with respect to your ankle. Wearing them with socks is too cutesy (and you can't pull it off unless you are skinny teenager), but I think I like them neutral colored worn with barefoot, or baggy legwarmers so they look like sweaterboots =X

there's also the comfort factor. It's one of the few heels that 1) have a cushiony platform, and 2)the heels are chunky enough for good support.

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