Fall Essentials Debriefing

Sorry, ladies, but we were soundly beaten on participation for the $1000 fall wardrobe mini-editor contest presented by Polyvore. As I wrote this post, we had around 150 entries to another blog's 1800 and I don't even know if that blog won.

On the plus side, we had far more participation for this contest than any of our other contests. A big thanks to lemonmuffin, Cheshire_Cat, slvrwhispr, meshamesh, japan_books, chickface, Jordan Jeffry, Jemma Hill, versetle1, RachelLeLambes, Miss Mockingbird, jlmidkif, reneen 1956, Hennie Henne Baby, Fashion Mission, 1HotReel, endinfire, charmedchick, and shinyainlace for participating.

We'd like to know what you thought of Polyvore's new mini editor. Would you enter a contest in this format in the future? Was it easy to use for those of you who've never used Polyvore's editor before? If you've used Polyvore before, did you miss some of the usual features? Was the selection of items too much or not enough? Did you even know we had a contest going or were you tired of hearing us promote it?


Amy said…
For me the mini-editor was too mini, but that may have just been me. I didn't look for a way to make it bigger if that were possible. :) And I liked the idea of the contest and I believe you promoted it enough. However, either I'm not in the target audience for the clothes, or I'm just not a fall person (maybe both), but I wasn't inspired at all by the clothing selection. :( They were good basics, but I didn't feel like I had much range or options. (Or am I missing part of the rules to the contest?)
Jael Paris said…
I thought it was too small too. When I tried to make it bigger, the edge ended up getting cut off. To make it bigger, we'd have to overhaul our blog layout.

The clothes were supposed to be relatively basic. After all, the idea is to be able to wear those clothes all season.

Thanks for the feedback!

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