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Questions: What kinds of fashion gifts do you like to give? How does this overdone horror make you feel? Do you have any advice for a chronic overpacker?

Picks: We've picked PetalMix as our Etsy shop this week and Olay Total Effects as our Pick of the Week. We've also rounded up basic capris and great deals on work wear.

Pretties: See our round up of the 2011 Resort collections and some quirky bone jewelry.

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Fanya said…
Hi, would you be able to do a carry-on luggage post?

most carry-ons are boring black, red or blue. The pretty ones I found are either laptop bag sized not fit for more than a 2 day trip, does not have any outside pocket, or are made of fabric that won't stand a chance against brutal baggage handling if I decide to check it.

I was wondering if you can find any pretty and convinient carry ons (approx 21 by 10 by 8) made of at least nylon for under $500?
Jael Paris said…
Great idea, Fanya. We'll take a look.
Fanya said…
oh thanks.

Speaking of which, where is the pink luggage set from? It's getting cuter the more I look at it...=X
Jael Paris said…
It's from ebay, but the listing's expired. Sorry!
Anonymous said…
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