Basic Capris

We've talked a lot lately about the horror of Capri pants that hit that dumpy place on the leg making the wearing look shorter and wider. However, the right Capri or cropped pant can be quite flattering. The length and cut must be perfect though. (If you're short, you may have to invest $10 in getting a good pair hemmed). Not all of these pants are perfect for everyone because everyone requires a slightly different cut and length. These are just some basic finds to start any Capri lovers on their way to finding perfect pants.

Navy Stretch Capris, Dillards $41.40
White Tab Capris, White House Black Market $78
High Waisted Capri Trousers, ASOS $42.27

Denim Cuffed Capris, YOOX $89
Stretch Sateen Capris, Dillards $39
Skinny Capri Jean, Victoria's Secret $24.99


Jael Paris said…
Sorry, becca, I cannot abide the denim pair.
Anonymous said…
I'm not fussy on the denim pair, either, but otherwise it's a great round-up. Thanks!
Rachel said…
If you've got stick legs like that model you can totally wear those :P

I like mine to hit JUST below the knee. Above the knee makes my legs look odd. Just got some this week!

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