Poll: Gifted

My friends are pretty fashionable so if I'm doing any gift giving I'm usually giving something wearable. I usually give accessories so I don't have to worry about fit as much. (Even though I frequently see great clothing fitting each of my friends' personalities.) I love to give costume jewelry, hair accessories, scarves and the like. Do you give fashion-related gifts? What do you like to give? (select all that apply).


Anonymous said…
Interesting that you would combine clothes with shoes... I give people (family members) clothes as gifts all the time, but I would never give anyone shoes. Do people do that??
becca said…
I put clothes and shoes together because I find them both as difficult to fit. Although, I have given clothing to friends who wear my size and share my shape. If it fits me, it should fit them.

Also, I have received shoes as a gift on a few occasions. The gift giver either told me I was getting them asked asked my size or stealthily went shopping with me, coaxed me into trying them on and secretly purchased them.
Cyndle said…
I usually give hair accessories, scarves/wraps/neckwarmers, or jewelry--usually something that I made! People seem to really like that, especially since the piece is usually custom created and inspired by the recipient.
becca said…
Cyndle, I love handmade gifts! Those are some of the best gifts I've ever received.

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