Resort 2011

More and more houses are putting on these between season shows. You'd think this would be good, leading to clothes on the racks faster and a spark of interest for the fashion set, but I hate it. Some of these shows are just as large as a Spring or Fall runway event. Were they all small shows, it would be one thing, but the push to be bigger and faster is stretching some designers thin. Were they to scale back, I think we'd have more pow and art and fewer pairs of $500 sweat pants.

Moving on. Here's a brief rundown of what wasn't reprehensibly dull. Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent rode the bright train. Lanvin puts forth beautiful editorial shots for these shows, but the clothing is nearly impossible to make out.
Marc by Marc is resort wear for the insufferable cast of The Hills; no wonder I hate it. All is forgiven, however with Marc Jacobs' main line -- a sleek blend of cute quirk and 60s Chanel.Chanel was and unholy mix of resort wear (fancy that!), ridiculous 1960s pajamas, and a Native American fetish and Karl's longing for the 90s.Givenchy continued loving matador gone sheer. I like how the clothes play with exaggerated hips. Valentino had a beautiful show featuring several leather pieces. They weren't the only label to seem seasonally confused.
Dior, also playing with hip proportion, rehashed a rehashed of retro sexpot glam. Tired and predictable? Yes. Do I still wish I could afford it? Double yes.
General thoughts: Why so many ankle boots? Where do you wear a bathing suit and ankle boots (or knee boots, Karl)? Do they not have thermometers? The summer leather is as brilliant as the winter chiffon from a few years ago.

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rachel said…
Dior makes me think of old school Barbie.

The long sleeves confuse me. The resort that they're going to must be in the Andes.
Rachel said…
Ew, Chanel... ew.

I like the white Marc Jacobs jacket.

The first Dior look reminds me of Legally Blonde.

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