New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Koi Suwannagate
What it made us think of: Traditional Japanese clothing (the inspiration for the show) reworked to for the modern, funky, playful American woman
What we liked: appliques, prints, lovely folds, kimono style tops
What we didn't: A few pieces looked clunky (the evening dress) in an otherwise light, fun collection.
Who: Ruffian
What it made us think of: The parts I like reminded me of sophisticated secretaries with equestrian hobbies.
What we liked: button boots, pussy bow blouses, black and white textured prints (plaid, polka dot), watercolor prints, suits
What we didn't: I normally like sparkly, sequin-y embellishments, but some of these looks cheap in the photos. High-waisted skinny pants, the half-moon embellishments.
Who: Erin Fetherston
What it made us think of: The typical Erin Fetherston girl re-imagined in seventies boho/rocker chic.
What we liked: flowing dresses, pretty prints (many involving birds!), bow bodices
What we didn't: velour/velvet sweatsuit, horizontal striped lace, velour jeans, it was all very pretty but the dresses were a bit repetitive
Who: Costello Tagliapietra
What it made us think of: How fabric would drape itself around the female form if it had a mind of it's own
What we liked: pretty draping, rich colors, cinched waists
What we didn't: Nothing
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