Bonus Poll: Project Runway Withdrawl

Last night I sat down with a bowl of popcorn ready to dig into a new episode of Project Runway only to discover an evening of reruns was all Lifetime had to offer. I guess I missed the memo that we were taking a week off from the runway (and I was so looking forward to the hardware store challenge).

To tide us over I thought we'd take a look back at our winners so far. Which was your favorite?

Episode One: "Who Are You?" Challenge
Winner: Emilio

Episode Two: "She Looks Good In a Burlap Sack" Challenge
Winner: Jay Nicolas

Episode Three: Couture Inspired "Team" Challenge
Winner: Mila

Episode Four: "Go Red For Cambell's Heart Disease" Challenge
Winner: Amy

Episode Five: "Dress Cover Girl Heidi Klum" Challenge
Winner: Anthony

Episode Six: "Me and Mommy" Challenge
Winner: Seth Aaron

Also, who do you think will be the top three designers at Bryant Park? (Don't comment if you saw the spoilers from Fashion Week. No one likes a spoil sport!) Despite Amy's performance last week and the fact that Maya has never won a challenge, I'm holding on to the dream of a Jay Nicolas, Amy, Maya final three. What do you think?


Rachel said…
I know! I was SO bummed last night! I finally get cable this week and they don't show a new episode. Grr.

That vote was hard- I was torn between the first and the last, but I just had to vote for the amazing black and white jacket.

Um... Amy, Jay, and Ben (as a wildcard)
Robin said…
I'm still deciding on my three- but Amy is definitely one of them. I had no idea last night either- I invited people over!

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