New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Diesel Black Gold
What it made us think of: Americana Sportswear meets Americana Rock N Roll
What we liked: Leather jackets, skirts and dresses; pants that exaggerate hips
What we didn't: Light/Acid-wash denim, overalls, sheer dresses over tight denim, ripped denim
Who: William Rast
What it made us think of: Americana casual wear gone trendy
What we liked: Army inspirations, bold casual boots, playful proportions, loose leather pants, ruffled leather
What we didn't: shiny leather bike shorts, rainbow shoulder fringe, leather fringe with overly washed denim
What it made us think of: Those cool kids who can build really avant-garde outfits out of casual basics.
What we liked: Volume, assymitry, buttons, pops of color on black, subtle plaid, varied layering
What we didn't: some blob-ish and oversized pieces
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