New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Oscar de la Renta
What it made us think of: Nancy Reagan after a bender.
What we liked: clashing colors, the olive green dress with crisp origami detail, check tights, GREEN!
What we didn't: The 80s flip hair. This collection skewed younger than the usual work of this American stalwart, and while the pieces apart will look amazing, the collection as a whole leaned toward (dare I say?) tack.
Who: Ralph Lauren
What it made us think of: Bag ladies transformed into Victorians who then become members of the Hudson Riding Club before morphing into punk flappers.
What we liked: Buttons at the ankles, velvet blazers (I'm weak for them!), tweed
What we didn't: Mid-calf is a dowdy length. In fact, I hated almost every skirt or dress in the collection.
Who: Carolina Herrera
What it made us think of: The elegant, all-American, upscale woman who isn't afraid to have a little fun with her clothing.
What we liked: Prints, colors, sleeves, pants, blouses, evening dresses
What we didn't: Herrera's demographic is beyond our years, but we do wish she's throw a few younger pieces in for us classy twenty-somethings

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Fanya said…
I like the Carolina Herrera shirt you have in the top middle and the grey gown in the bottom middle and don't think they are too old.

I would pair the dreamy ruffle-y white shirt with my pink or yellow short and a pair of wedge heels for summer. Or under my tank dresses with low neckline.

I also like the grey gown, the ruffle made it more fun and grey means you can pair it with bright color accessories so popular right now like yellow, pink, and green (not all 3 at once tho).

And I'm obviously not partial toward ruffles. =X

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