New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010

Who: Julian Louie
What it made us think of: A minimalistic Marie Antoinette in a washed out, pastel color palette.
What we liked: Everything
What we didn't: Nothing
Who: Tibi
What it made us think of: The kind of clothing one could wear everyday--easy, stylish, unique, details in an effortless way. (I'd wear better shoes though).
What we liked: Again, everything. (I'm shocked I love the fanny pack belts. How are those so chic?!)
What we didn't: I wouldn't wear everything, but I can't say there was anything wrong with the collection.
Who: Cynthia Steffe
What it made us think of: A grown up school girl who spent a year at a French boarding school.
What we liked: Pretty much everything.
What we didn't: Some of it felt a little too young.
Who: TSE
What it made us think of: A step by step guide on how to properly wear knitwear and create a sleek yet lux winter look.
What we liked: Knits (obviously), monochrome dressing, shoes, tights, fun hats
What we didn't: Some things were boxy.
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