This Week On Fashion Me Fabulous

We're talking: Everyone's going back and forth on this Anthropologie tee. How much should you spend on a sundress? Weigh in on Resort 2010. How do you wear black in summer?

Wedding month continues: We've come up with six ways to wear the same dress, which should cover all the weddings you're attending this summer. For the bride, our Etsy shop of the week makes beautiful shrugs.

Want: Tri-color heels. Free international shipping. Vintage sunglasses.

Bonus: I started a full time job this week and went crazy shopping for shoes. Check them out on our Facebook page.


SophieKowalski said…
Hi! I found your blog on google,searching some carrie's photos (sex and the city) and it's very lovely,so now i follow your blog!
Check out mine if you want.

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