Love or Loathe: Sunny Tee

I'm usually all about the whimsy of Anthropologie, but I just can't get behind this "Bright Dawn" tee shirt. It made my lips curl in a way that I save for horrors, but I can't really identify what I don't like about it. It could be the color. Maybe it's the stripes (but I love stripes!)? The drawn daisies feel like the biggest offender. Then again, I can't imagine this shirt on anyone who doesn't live in a retirement community. Is it ugly, adorable or ignorable?


kylsie said…
I'm leaning ignorable myself. I agree. It has every element I like and yet it doesn't quite work.
becca said…
I'm with kylsie, ignorable.

It really is just off somehow. I think it's the direction of the multi colored strips with the daisies that give it a dated-but-not-really-reto feel.
Rachel said…
I'm gonna say adorable. I could see myself wearing this, even if (or maybe because?) it's weird.
rachel said…
I think the daisies are what do it for me. Or maybe if the daisies were cuter and the stripes weren't there. I'm not really fond of it though.
Vicki said…
It's the random colors in the stripes that throw it off for me. If the daisies weren't so cheaply done and the stripes were just yellow and white, it would be totally cute.
Amy V said…
I like it... I like the idea that the colors of dawn are on the shirt. I don't think the stripes would be in a good place on me and they probably don't have my size... but I think it's cute!

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