International Shopping

I have a hard enough time wanting things from British stores, but thanks to the wonders of Polyvore, I'm lusting after items from Japanese sites I can't even read. Ecura is, I think, the cheaper of the two stores with items ranging from $40-$400. It's a little like Anthropologie with it's detailed prints and whimsical accessories. Humor's homepage is odd, so let's just move past the crucified school girl. Their website is a bit easier to navigate, but I still don't fully know what's going on. The softly draped knits billow. I just wish the store wasn't so expensive.

Roommate, when I come visit you in Japan, take me to all the cute places!


rachel said…
<3 Kay! Harajuku, here we come!!
Iva said…
what a cool shirt!
Anonymous said…
fab tip for eruca!
Anonymous said…

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