Vintage Picks: Sunglasses

I love my specs, so I can't exactly pop on any pair of sunglasses and drive around town. Pity because I'm famous in my own mind and need to shield my eyes from the harsh light of reality. Since I have to get prescription lenses anyway, I think I'll buy a sweet pair of vintage frames. I'm thinking something big and Audrey.
Clockwise: tortoiseshell cateyes, Coffee House Vintage on Etsy $20
bronze cateyes, Bonte on Etsy $28
round amber shades, Brook Vintage on Etsy $55
white oversized sunglasses, Planet Claire Vintage on Etsy $39
teal sunglasses 1930s, Klasik £65
Clockwise: red rhinestone cateyes 1950s, Kiss Kiss Vintage on Etsy $42
two tone Wayfarer style 1980s, XOXO Chick Peas on Etsy $40
round layered sunglasses 1960s, Klasik £75
pale lilac oversized sunglasses, Claridad on Etsy $45
white cateyes with black ear pieces 1960s, Eye Glass Boy $89

A few websites specialize in vintage sunglasses, but I find the $200 + prices hard to swallow. If however, you are craving a pair of wild Karl Lagerfeld's from 1972, check out Rare Vintage Sunglasses and Vintage Sunglasses Shop.


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