1 Dress, 6 Weddings

With summer upon us, no doubt many of you are thinking of what to wear to a slate of upcoming weddings. Most likely, you don't want to wear the same dress over and over, either. Behold, for a one time investment of $104 you can buy this Maggy London faux two-piece from Nordstrom. Using pieces you most likely already have in your closet, you can mix and match for a new look for each reception.

1. Belted. Here that sound? That's this dress begging for a colorful waist belt.

2. Shrug. A jacket may be too warm for a summer wedding, but Etsy is full of beautiful shrugs and boleros for special occasions. Most sellers will custom make one if you are set on a certain color. Bonzie is the king of this department, but they're a little pricey. This red wrap is $82.
3. Skirt. This dress has a pencil skirt, so layer a bubble, full or tulip skirt over it. It will add new colors and definition. My awkward photoshopped rendering features a bubble skirt from Forever 21.

4. Necklace. A dress so classic and simple gives you two options with necklaces. You can wear them per usual or use long necklaces as a dramatic belt. It would also be a great chance to try out bib necklaces.

5. Scarf. I've already written about the waist and neck, so to do something different with a square scarf, pin it around the shoulders. This will obscure most of the top giving you a capelet effect.

6. Bloom. If one of the weddings you are attending is a garden wedding, stay with the theme by wearing several floral brooches. Rosettes are a popular item right now anyway, so everyone will think you're super trendy.


This dress is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. I love it all on its own, such a simple elegance. The pink jacket would be cute, too.
Iva Messy said…
omg! wow, I can't pick which one of those is my favorite! Maybe the shrug and the last dress! SO PERFECT!
I absolutely love Bonzie- Anything they make is fabulous.
LyddieGal said…
I love that style dress, especially with a gorgeous belt!

Even better than nordstrom for $104, a very similar dress at TJMaxx for $15.

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