8 Must-Have Tee Shirts

My closest is full of tops from six years ago that I never wear, and I seem to be lacking basic top staples. It's time for an overhaul. Goodbye, ill-fitting kimono from college. Hello, perfect tee shirt for laying with suit coats.

Few items of clothing are more distinctly American and beyond social classes than the basic white tee-shirt. I prefer mine fitted (Old Navy $10).
A navy stripe tee (Gap $15) is a must-have for summer nautical looks, trips to Paris, and your budding career as a mime.

Graphic tees (Threadless $18) are a great way to dress down a sequin skirt or add a sense of fun to your business suit. Between threadless.com and Etsy, you should not lack for unique designs.
Aside from a few graphic tees, my only other tee shirts contain girly details (BCBGeneration at Macy's $68.60). Primarily cotton or modal with a dash of lace or chiffon, these tee shirts have seen me through many professional days that I would have rather spent in bed.

Hooded tees (Urban Outfitters $42) are the perfect thing for not-so-perfect weather, outdoor get-togethers, and that seven a.m. class you had to sign up for.
A tunic tee (Urban Outfitters $32) tucks in nicely but can work flowing free as well. Just don't confuse it with a dress.

Babydoll tees (Nordstrom $34) are the most comfortable thing on the planet. My husband doesn't really grasp the way a woman's weight can fluctuate in a month, and that I need clothes for all those sizes my body decides to be. Babydolls save me cash in that department as they always fit.
With statement necklaces being all the rage, you need a good backdrop. Sleeveless turtle neck tees (Nordstrom $39) are perfect for showing off your necklaces in most every setting. Plus, they work nicely in the crazy temperture controled office. (Neither 68 nor 84 are acceptable temperature settings!)


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