Eco-Fashion at Shopbop

Shopbop joined the green movement in late 2007. They don't have specified requirements for how their merchants must be green, some use organic materials while others use recycled, but all the designers have bios on Shopbop if you want to learn more.

Unfortunately, all they are offering right now are eco-friendly tees, casual dresses and sneakers. Since I don't spend my life running to yoga, I'm not too thrilled. Thankfully, Shopbop plans to expend that section of their store to include more formal and professional wear within 2008. Since I don't see myself shelling out so much money for clothing I'll only wear on weekends for house cleaning, I'm going to wait until Shopbop's eco-friendly section is a bit more fleshed out.


Rachel said…
I'm so happy to notice that more and more of the felt we buy to make plushies is made of post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Cool!

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