The Horror: Mom Skirt

I've seen suburban moms wear skirts like this when they want to dress formal but not too formal, like for a PTA meeting. "Lace is so classy like my mom, but then the denim will make me look hip and with it." A word of advice for those moms: this skirt is hideous. The floral, animal, and lace patterns are visual chaos. (Why is it that a woman who wears a skirt like this would be the same woman who wouldn't wear black and white stripes and polka dots?) If I start in on the fact that it's essentially a denim mini with a vampy grandmother's bathrobe sewn onto the bottom in an effort to demurely cover the legs, I might snap. So let's talk about her belt. It serves no purpose. It's not even visual interest because it's the exact same color as her shirt. In fact, it may even be attached. What do you think is the worst part of this look?


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