Save or Splurge: Tote Bag

I love tote bags. If I let myself go, tote bags could easily become an addiction. In my defense, totes are extremely useful and can be very reasonably priced, which is why totes are a major save for me. Canvas totes like this Green Kiwi Tote from chingstote on Etsy is a perfect for everything from books to groceries. These are the totes where I will look for the biggest savings.

I also like more structured totes for carrying my laptop, books, or even all the things I will drag around on a weekend vacation, but these shouldn't cost a bundle either. I've purchase several quality totes from Target (look for clearance).

If you watch end-of-season sales you can even find lovely leather totes at great prices. My mother found a stunning leather tote for $30 from over $100. However, those pretty, pricey totes can be tempting...


Jael Paris said…
If I was using it everyday for heavy stuff like textbooks, leather would be the way to go. What bugs me though are designer totes over $300 and made of canvas. It's just canvas!

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