Funky Office Attire

I've never worked for a retailer that required I wear their product. I've never worked in food service and had to don a uniform. The internet retailer I work for now doesn't care what I wear so long as it's neither a safety nor a human resources hazard. For all you know, I could be blogging in sweat pants and curlers. (My college roommate, I am sure, is laughing her head off at that mental picture.) Of course, I'm wearing no such thing. My usual work attire is classic professional with a funky twist. I usually achieve this look with the aid of off-kilter belts, scarves, brooches, necklaces, bold patterns or funky shoes. Unless you have to wear a strict uniform, these ideas should be adaptable on some level for your workplace.

This look is all about the wildly patterned scarf. Almost all the pieces I used are designer (the Pucci scarf alone is $260), but this outfit is easily replicated on a budget. If you have a simple dress, head to your local Goodwill and pick up some scarves for about $1 a piece. If you're hesitant about used goods, Old Navy is stocking some bright art deco inspired scarves this spring.

Tights and socks can range from subtle to bold while still being expressive. This pair is $21.99 from Mod Cloth. If that pattern is a little too strong (or not strong enough) for you Sock Dreams has a wide variety of tights and socks from simple stripes to outlandish tie dye.

Simple shapes give you the freedom to mix bright colors. If head to toe color makes you nervous, try bold pops of color with your shoes, belt or jewelry. If you don't know where to stock up on bright colors, we've got you covered.


becca said…
I love the orange blouse. I want to wear it with the blue shoes in look three.

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