Love or Loathe: Satin Cropped Knickers

The forces of fashion have been trying to get us in jodhpurs (puffy-hipped riding pants) for a few seasons now, but women whose thighs have a greater diameter than their biceps have staunchly refused. Smart move on our part, if I do say so myself. But can I indulge in a little puff and still giggle and the fashion victims? I kinda like these black satin knickers by Pencey. The satin part is what's holding me back the most; combined with the high waist, there will me no hiding my bloat. Yet they also look chic and modern with a vintage twist. The cropped length will be perfect in the summer and I can pair them with boots in the winter. If you went shopping with me and I picked these up, would you cheer me on or pull me out of the store before I committed a fashion crime?


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