Tim Gunn on Rachael Ray

Rachel Ray brought Tim Gunn on to restyle a viewers closet today. He didn't just go out and buy her new clothes. Instead, he looked at what she had and found things that she could wear differently. For example, he belted and otherwise baggy sweater making it look very nice. The only questions is: “When is Tim Gunn coming to save my wardrobe?” Hopefully, the answer is soon.

He did present an interesting challenge though. Pull all those things out of the back of your closet and see if they're worth keeping and restyling. What can you restyle?

Rachael Ray showed a clip from his show where he provides a wonderfully horrified reaction to leggings, stating that he is generally against them. Take Tim's advice. It's good.

Speaking of advice, Rachael asked Tim to give his ultimate tip for looking fabulous. It was simple and maybe a bit cliché, but Tim told us to wear things that make us feel confident. There's nothing worse than feeling insecure in your clothing because you will not only feel less than great, but you will also look it too.


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