A Model Life vs. Top Model

America's Next Top Model is about to begin it's 9th cycle on Wednesday, but it's not the only model show around.

This summer TLC brought of A Model Life with Petra Nemcova, a very different look at starting out in the modeling business. Unlike America's Next Top Model, A Model Life doesn't eliminate one contestant a week. It doesn't give the contestants challenges where the winner gets prizes. They do not throw the girls in a house with too few beds or remind them not to be friends because this is a competition.

A Model Life has much younger models, ranging in age from about16 to 20 when most model's begin their careers. The models were given chances to go out for real runway shows, and some even booked a few. The agency, NEXT, and Petra took time to really teach the girls about modeling rather than throwing them into shoots and later telling them they did poorly.

A Model Life
included several meetings, some individual and some group, but no big judging sessions. In the end, NEXT decided what to do with the girls. Instead of eliminating the one that were only good for some markets, they sent them to those markets. One girl went to London, and another went to Miami to see how they would fit into those markets. One girl was sent home for not having a good attitude and work ethic, and the remaining three were run through some final shoots so they agency could make a decision. I had expected them to chose only one girl, but instead they chose to give all three girls contracts.

A Model Life painted a better picture of starting out in the modeling industry. However, if you're looking for crazy shoots, outrageous cat fights, Miss Tyra, and a lot of tears, stick with America's Next Top Model.

TLC hasn't announced if A Model Life will come back for another season, but the first was an interesting glimpse into the world of modeling even if it didn't make for the most outlandish TV.


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