VH1 Wants the Most Smartest Models

Reality TV built its empire on stereotypes. Each show has its nice one, crazy one, bitchy one and emotional one. A lot of shows count on the demographic they are targeting to provide most of the entertainment with little coaxing.

VH1's new reality show, America's Most Smartest Model, is hoping for really dumb contestants. If you think you can handle the poor grammar and endless babble, the show premiers on Sunday, October 7 at 9p.m. The show touts a prize of $100,000 for one winner out of the 7 male and 7 female models. Ben Stein and Marcy Alice Stevenson will host the 10 week series that tests the contestants on both brains and beauty.

We'll see if there's any fashion involved or if VH1 just wants to laugh at really stupid skinny people. Either way, if the commercials are any indication, there should be plenty of fodder for entertainment clip shows and youtube commentary.


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