Vera Wang Appears on Opera

Vera Wang appeared on Opera Friday to promote her new line for Kohl's, Simply Vera Vera Wang.

“It meant a great deal to me to bring a real design quality to the project.” said Vera as she began to explain her line to Opera.

Vera showed most of her line in a small runway show where she talked with Opera about each look. Opera gushed over the cute clothes and great prices. For Vera Wang the prices a re amazing, but for Kohl's the prices are a little high.

A lot of the clothes, including many amazing pieces form the ads and from Opera today, in the Simply Vera line have not come to Kohl's stores yet. Several Kohl's sales associates at various stores in my area said more piece are coming in little by little, but they do not know when or if all of the clothing will come to all locations.

Vera then dressed several mother-daughter groups of different age groups, shapes and sizes showing the versatility of her line, which ranges in size from 2 to 16.

Vera gave us the full department store treatment with Simply Vera bedding, pajamas, undergarments and accessories. The Simply Vera bedding may be the most beautiful part of her collection.

Then, Vera took us in her closet—her huge, wonderful closet full of amazing things. She revealed that she buys her clothes a size too large for comfort, and wears a size 6 or 8 and sometimes buys a 10. Vera loves dark clothes because they look good on most everyone. She said she's hooked on coats and jackets right now as a way to change up a look with more styling options. She also loves fun hats, which she remembered when creating Simply Vera. In fact, Simply Vera features pieces that can be worn slightly over-sized and layered. Vera seems to have brought several elements of her personal to this line for Kohl's.

Vera, also, brought some gowns from her main line collections just to make everyone drool. As Opera said, “These dresses are not $90.”

If you haven't checked out Simply Vera yet, now is the time. In true Kohl's style, the Simply Vera line is already 30% off.


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