Simply Vera by Vera Wang Debuts

Last week I went to see the much anticipated Simply Vera Vera Wang line at Kohl's.

I quite liked the advertisements I saw in Vogue and a few other fashion magazines. There is a stunning yellow shirt and an adorable hat I quite want to try on.

I was, however, disappointed when I arrived at Kohl's. I knew the clothes would cost a little more than normal Kohl's prices, but I didn't expect them to be quite so high. They are very well made though, and they fit great so the prices are only a little high for the quality. Plus, it's Kohl's so they'll go on sale.

The most disappointing thing was that my Kohl's stocked none of the clothes from the ads. Sure they had pretty pieces, but not the ones I had my heart set on. They apparently released the line today, but aren't releasing it fully yet. They don't know when they will get certain pieces or if they'll them at all.

Also, some of the pieces in the ads are not even up on the site.

For anyone looking for a super cheap Vera Wang dress, there is a black, spaghetti strap night gown that could easily pass for a dress. At only $34, that's a cheap Vera Wang.

The Vera Wang bedding is beautiful and I wish I was in the market for such bedding, but I don't need it.
I did get some tights that are really well made, and they did have some truly nice clothing. I just have to wait for a lot of it to go on sale.

Overall, Vera Wang did a very nice job with her collection. Kohl's, however, has not done such a nice job advertising and handling the line.


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