Under the Gunn Episdoe 10 Recap

Dear Team Challenges,
Do you always have to be so dramatic? Sorry to start this letter with such candor, but is it really necessary? I'm sure this level of tension can't be healthy. You should get a cup of tea, sit by a nice fire, relax a little.

I'm not saying you're without your benefits. Things went really well for Oscar and Shan. The pair worked together splendidly. In fact, Shan really helped Oscar translate his superb skills into more modern looks. On top of that, we got to see, once again, that Oscar is the friendliest and nicest contestent ever. He offered up the win to Shan because he wanted Shan's kids to see their dad win. It paid off, both of them got well-deserved wins.

Team Sam and Blake scored high too. The pair worked well and created a nice collection that I could have also seen taking a win. It was fun and easy going, the way I think more team challenges should be.

On these two counts, Team Challenges, you did good. You kept your head. You performed well. But when it came to team Natalia and Asha, you got all tense. Things were bad from the get to. This wasn't a good pairing. Natasha just didn't want to rock the boat, and Asha was ready to jump ship before she even gt aboard. This is where team challenges go bad. Nothing good came out of the collaboration. Natalia went home, mostly because she volunteered. Judging by this challenge alone, that's kind of shame. While I think her past pieces have been slightly overrated at times, and Asha is the better designer, this is a bummer week to send her home. Also, I hate when a good designer like Asha gets haughty about working with a struggling designer like Natalia (who is actually great because can't handle the time constraints of the competition).

I would like us to be friends, Team Challenge. We almost were during than team season of Project Runway, but then things got rocky there too. Maybe we just need to spend less time together. Fewer team challenges per season might make this work.



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