Pick of the Week: The Best Thing Currently at Target

It's sort of like a scuba dress but thankfully not made of neoprene. It's body conscious at the top and flared at the bottom. So it highlights your boobs and skims politely over your butt and belly. This dress is so courteous to my figure, it might have been made in Canada. It fits like an expensive dress with lots of good tailoring, but it's really just a simple cut with well-placed piping. When I tried it on this weekend, I almost took a picture in the dressing room to send to everyone in my contacts saying "I'm damn sexy." There is a black and white geometric print and a blue abstract print available, but I like the solid colors the best. I bought the cobalt blue one and may buy more. For $27.99, you can't find a more flattering dress this spring.


Jennifer Wells said…
I hate that I like the color black so much. I love color, but a part of me is just really crazy about the LBD.

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