Inspired By: Ballet

While ballet is several hundred years old, it wasn't until the twentieth century that it started to have an impact on fashion. Unlike many dancers who were considered women of lose morals, ballerinas were thought of as classy. Before an era of television, the Ballets Russes, with sets by Pablo Picasso and costumes by Coco Chanel, took the world by storm. Imagine fashion magazines are a few years from being born (and even then they will lack photographs), and you have no style icons aside from society women. Then your city is descended upon by these beautiful fairy creatures who can almost fly, who are tugging at your heart with their grace and stories, and who are women who seem to be making a living on their own merits. How could that not capture everyone's attention? The Ballets Russes in its avant garde splendor really ignited a fire for this old form of dance. Tutus, feathers, flowing fabrics, ribbon laces, perfect buns, leg and arm warmers, and soft colors are all ballet staples (though not always original to ballet) that fashion still draws on every day.

I read in an old book of a woman complaining about her husband's love of ballet and the dancers' "vulgar" display of ankle.

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Nora Bradshaw said…
Ballet is beautiful to watch, but in the back of my mind I'm also thinking about how their bodies take such a beating.
www said…
This is fantastisch !
Jael Paris said…
Nora, I remember when I was very young looking at my friend's ballet feet. Dreams of becoming a ballerina dissipated immediately.
Jennifer Wells said…
Jael--yes, I knew someone once whose girlfriend was a ballerina, although not professionally. He said he was weirded out by her feet, but later fell in love with them because "she suffered for her art."

My original comment was more worries about osteoperosis.

That being said, there's a fantastic documentary about ballet on Netflix, whose name escapes me at the moment. Specifically, it's about Russian ballet.

It is breathtaking. I am in complete awe of what these women do, just unbelievably beautiful. But one woman said that when she retired, she gleefully told herself, "I don't have to work out anymore!" and quit, cold turkey. Her muscles didn't like that very much, and she said it was a "huge mistake."

Make no mistake, these women are some seriously tough ladies.
odmiany warzyw said…
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