$150 Challenge: Two Ways

When I first spotted this dress, it screamed "Tinkerbell Costume." As I began to pair items with it, I couldn't help picking things I could see a fairy wearing. After putting it together I couldn't help thinking it would be a very pretty, light summer look. Yes, it's very Tinkerbell, but it's still airy and cute. The entire look costs $110.34.

$150 Challenge: Two Ways "Tinkerbell" Version

Because this is such a breezy dress, I thought the best way to go might be to toughen it up. Channeling a warrior vibe helped banish the fairy feel. This complete look costs $121.40.

$150 Challenge: Two Ways "Warrior Version"

Do you think this dress is too much like a costume or does it work as a pretty summer frock. If so, which version is your favorite?


Anonymous said…
I love the color of that dress! I think it would look good on most people.


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