The Horror: Crochet Coverup

To be completely upfront, I'm not a fan of crochet anyway. It always reminds me of a hanging planter my mother preserved from the 70s. This crochet dress by All Saints may be cool layered over a body con dress, but it's absurd as a swimsuit coverup. First of all, it doesn't cover anything. Second, it will leave weird tan lines. Third, it's $75. You should know in the midst of your eye rolling that this $75 beach coverup is half off the original price of $150.
How do you feel about this item as a coverup vs. as a dress? How do you feel about crochet in general? What would you pay for a swimsuit coverup? (I wouldn't pay more than $10 for something fun at Goodwill.)


Florence said…
First of all, I crochet and knit. I love it and I make beautiful thing. Now, I will give you that some people have no taste and create stupid things. As a cover up it's awful but over a slip dress it would be beautiful, especially in a dark color so it shows off the crochet. Not all crochet or knitting is bad. You wear sweaters don't you?
Jael Paris said…
Oh, I love knits. I know crochet can be lovely, but it tends to turn me off an item more than attract me too it. At the level of clothing I can afford, it's not usually well done.
Unknown said…
I love crochet- but how they are showing this makes it look like a skeleton!
Anonymous said…
My six-year-old son looked at this, laughed, and then said, "You're right, that is terrible. It looks like one of those things you put on your couch to cover it up."

Nora B.
Unknown said…
Someone I know would love for me to crochet this specific cover up for her. Does anyone know where I can find the pattern?

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