Snap Judgement: Project Runway Season 10 Premiere

I haven't been terribly excited about this season. The last few regular seasons of Project Runway have suffered from strange challenges, boring fashion and really poor judging calls. However, a few things about the season 10 premier make me hopeful.

1. Tim Gunn 
OK. Tim has be excited about any season of Project Runway, but I was reminded of this when he appeared on the screen last night.

2. The Eclectic Designers 
This years mix of designers seems more varied that the recent seasons. This cast isn't mostly made of young 20-something recent fashion school graduates. Yes, we still have one space cadet (I'm looking at you, Yooan). We have our token Lifetime demographic cast member (58-year-old Andrea), but she happens to hold several art degrees and work as an art and design professor. We do have our 22-year-old diva (Gunnar Deatherage, you're name is absurd). Most of these designers appear to have pretty strong points of view, so I'm hopefully they won't become increasingly homogenous and boring.

3. The Judges were on their game last night 
The judges did things right. They focused on fashion, didn't make a ton of nonsensical comments and came to a reasonable decision. Let's hope they keep this up.

 It's too early to say if season 10 well be great or even good. If they give the designers reasonable amounts of time to make their clothes (no one can do a stellar design in 4 hours), don't hand out stupid challenges, and go easy on the group challenges we might have some fun this season. Click through the gallery of designers below and tell us your favorite:


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