Fashion Links

Let's make glitter heels. (Could I Have That)

Hairpin has a starter lesson on being "less crazy about your body."

Hairpin is also trying all the mascara. Yes, all.

Closet a mess? Here are some tips from a professional organizer. (Jeri's Organizing and Decluttering News)

Still struggling with matching colors? Enter the url of a picture with colors you like to DeGraeve, they'll make a palette of matching colors. (DeGraeve)

All I need to say is: dresses made of candy. (Lovelyish)

Everyone wore skirts for thousands of years, so pants are relatively new to the fashion scene. The origin of the garment is so glaringly obvious that your mind will now blank, you'll click on this article, then say duh because you're 90s like that. (The Atlantic) 


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