Etsy Shop of the Week: Misala Handmade

Shop: Misala Handmade

Why We Love It: Misala Handmade offers a variety of super cute kiss-lock coin purses, iPhone cases, iPad cases and handbags. I love the vintage coin purse I have. One compartment keeps my coins while the other stores my thumb drive, bobby pins, buttons that have popped off and two emergency parking meter quarters. It's versitility has made me want more coin purses. I'd love one to stash thumb drives, ear buds and other odds and ends in my computer bag. Another would be great for traveling with jewelry. On top of being useful, Misala's coin purses are unique, cute and playful.

Price Range:$14.90 - $54.90

Links: Facebook

Favorite Items: Pictured Top, Red Fox $26.90 (click through the gallery below to see the rest of our favorites. 

Red Pig $32.90; Blue Dolphin $24.90; Green Frog $26.90; Tiny Yellow Duck $21.90; Salmon Piggy $24.90; Green Owl $26.90; Blue Elephant $24.90; Delicious Strawberry $16.90; Pink Hippo $24.90; Magical Ladybug $24.90


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