Project Design: Angry Birds

The birds. Something is amiss. Maybe I've watched too many Hitchcock movies. Perhaps I've read too many stories that leave all the symbolism to the birds. It could be the heat. It's probably just my imagination, but I keep noticing strange behavior from the birds. Odd cawing. Spooky swooping.

In real life, ruffled birds are a bit unsettling, but as accessories these birds are captivating. Which feathered fiend fascinates you?

Red tail hawk necklace by lulubugjewelry

Sewing Bird Stork Scissors Necklace by contrary

Silver Bird Necklace by MegusAttic

Bird Claw Necklace by BlackSparrowJewelry

Wren Bird Coin Necklace by FindsAndFarthings

Raven Skull Necklace by LostApostle

Verdigris Bird Necklace by VachonistaJewelry


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