Poll: Take One Thing Off

Sunday, I was all matchy-matchy in shades of green, pale blue and white. I accessorized my green blouse and high-waisted print skirt with a small blue porcelain ring, a pearl choker, a large antique pearl drop necklace, and pale blue teardrop earrings with crystals. It was a lot of jewelry.

Coco Chanel is attributed with saying that before leaving the house you should look at yourself in the mirror and take one thing off. (Since she was famous for wearing piles of fake pearls, I find it dubious that she actually said this.) Sometimes I feel a pile of jewelry is exactly what an outfit needs, but it is certainly easy to overdo it.


Anonymous said…
It's difficult for me to say. Lots of jewelry can be done right (tons of pearls) or wrong (Liz Taylor.)

I never found Liz to be that fabulous.

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