Styling Tips for Print Pants

Print pants, as I've mentioned before,vex me some, but since they're so popular right now, I thought I'd take a stab as styling a pair. I fell for this beautiful bird print from Oasis; unfortunately in the few days since I've styled these outfits, they've sold out. However, if you're still interested in this exact print, it's available as shorts, a tank, and a twee top.

My first tip for styling print pants starts before you ever buy them. Notice all the colors in the print. Part of the reasons I like these so much is all the warm flora against the cool grey background allows for a wide variety of styling options.

Now that you've found something you like, pull out one or two of those colors you noticed for your top. Here I drew off of the green and orange in the birds.

Print Pants, Autumnal Colors

My final tip is physical balance. Prints can be loud, especially when they run the length of your legs. Use a neutral top with dramatic sleeves to keep your bottom from getting all the attention.

Bird Print Pants

How do you wear print pants?


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