London Fashion Week SS12: Mary Katrantzou, Mark Fast, Corrie Nielsen

Who: Mary Katrantzou
What it made us think of: Lisa Frank if she grew up and made something a bit more chic.
What we liked: The prints, shapes, colors and textures.
What we didn't: Some of it got a little too bright and loud.
I'm unsure about the vivid lipstick. It works on some models, but not on others.
Who: Mark Fast
Thoughts: Fast is growing and experimenting with new fabrics and shapes. He has some work to do with these new techniques, but the growth is in the right direction.
What we liked: Longer dresses, fringe & ruffles, full skirts
What we didn't: I really miss his models of all sizes.
Who: Corrie Nielsen
Thoughts: The 2010 Fashion Fringe winner, had successful first outing with her line titled "arbiter elegantiarum." She took leading elements of Victorian and Japanese fashions and merged them into a cohesive modern collection while keeping the core aesthetic that led her to win Fashion Fringe. I can't wait to continue watching her career.
What we liked: Everything. Jackets, pleated pants, kimono styles, exaggerated peplum
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skippysays said…
LOL at the Mary Katrantzou collection being like Lisa Frank if she grew up and made something a bit more chic! Totally spot on :)

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