Real Leather, Target Prices

Want real leather, but can't afford it? Once again, it's Target to the rescue! (We're not sponsored by them, I swear.) Aside from the usual name-brand replicas in various budget materials, this season Target has a variety of honest-to-goodness came-from-a-cow leather boots available for prices you can afford without taking out a loan. These styles come in multiple colors, too (though limited to either black or varying shades of brown). Go check them out! Just remember, they don't come weatherproofed, so be careful where you drool.


Jennifer Wells said…
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Jennifer Wells said…
I try to be eco-conscious, and buying shoes sometimes poses a dilemma. Should I be nice to animals and buy vegan shoes? Unfortunately, most are made out of plastic and won't biodegrade. In my opinion, it's better to buy leather. Plus, they won't fall apart in a year's time.

Although, there are some cute, vegan shoes available that are not made out of plastic:

Pricey, but I'm hoping for a trickle-down effect.
skippysays said…
Just found your lovely blog! How cool is that- go target. Now if only they started making shoes in my size (4.5 or 5) so i could actually get in on the action
becca said…
Skippy, I feel your pain (but on the opposite end--Target shoes are usually too small for me). We've got a post coming up next week about shopping for odd shoe sizes.
Vicki B. said…
Skippy, check out Naturalizer! They have gorgeous boots in your size (especially on Amazon). I have these gorgeous boots in Oxford brown, and I adore them. They're on sale right now in that $80 range, which is on the high end of the Target list, but still nowhere near designer prices. But bottom line, Naturalizer carries your size and they always have sales and coupons. I've gotten shoes from them that retailed for $80 and between sales and coupons, I paid under $30. If you want more suggestions, just ask! I'm glad to help.
Anonymous said…
Didn't know if you'd already heard:

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