Love or Loathe: Print Pants

We've had a few seasons of pants. As much as I still love harem pants, breeches, jodhpurs and other bifricated insanity, I just can't get into print pants. They're hard to style for one (and that's coming from someone who's done more than one post about mixing prints). What mostly holds me back though is that by being pants, you've added two sharp lines in with the print. Too much visual noise. I tried to style away my misgivings below, but at best, they're a limited wardrobe item. (Yet I somehow don't have a problem with print tights or leggings. Please explain me to me.)

Where do you fall on print pants?


Oh to Be a Muse said…
i definitely like prints and i definitely like pants :) just not yet sure if i can rock the print pant trend. it would have to be the right print for me, of course.
♥Whiskey-Rose said…
I like printed leggings but theyre sometimes difficult to make lots of outfits with, they can be a little unflattering too, but great otherwise! lol xxx
Vicki said…
Reminds me of the things my teachers used to wear in elementary school. This is in no way a compliment. I just can't see it working in a chic, attractive way.
Unknown said…
i'm going to go with yes if they're done like this!
Fanya said…
The only printed pants I like (and want) is a pair that is wide-legged, floaty/lightweight and long enough to wear heels with. As long as its fitted at the top and not draw string, it won't look pajama-y.

And I would wear it with some solid colored wedge heel and a plain/solid colored t-shirt. And maybe a wide rimmed hat(yeah, I don't care for mixing prints).
Kaye said…
I think it's a hard look to pull off without looking like you're wearing pajamas, but I'm not against totally it either. I love all my printed tights, but I don't think the pants trend is one I'll be wearing anytime soon.

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