How To Mix Prints

A few weeks ago when I posted a $150 Challenge that layered prints, a reader confessed to not knowing how to put such a look together. It can be a bit tricky at first, but a few simple steps should embolden your own print play.

1. Start with stripes. If you've never mixed print before, try something simple like a striped cardigan over a striped top.
2. Break it up. Another good place to start is print shoes or a bag with one other print piece. The neutral space between the prints will keep the eye from being confused.
3. Common colors. Whenever I mix prints, I wear things with the same background color. My accessories will be other colors from the print, tying it all together.
4. Choose clean prints. Each print you choose doesn't have to be close and chaotic. Sparse prints or prints with large details work well for print play.


Lesa said…
I am so glad to see something other than the perpetual "cardi" I live in Ft Lauderdale and from now until December that is so totally not an option. People who have never lived in an extremely hot place with killer humidity just don't seem to understand. I would pass out if I wore a "cardi" even though they are still selling some cute ones in the store. Thanks for some "cardi' less ideas.
Jael Paris said…
Believe it or not, northern Indiana is very humid because of Lake Michigan (not through December though!). Even so, I still have to take a cardigan with me everywhere in the summer because air conditioned buildings are so cold!

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