London Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011

Who: Christopher Kane
What it made us think of: What happens when ravers become ladies who lunch.
What we liked: neon lace, neon argyle, cute summer dresses
What we didn't: The strong lines worked with delicate lace, but clashed with the bold print. In fact, the prints just didn't work here at all.Who: Meadham Kirchhoff
What it made us think of: When little punk girls get a hold of foofy dolls.
What we liked: graffiti plus ruffles, colorful hair, red, doll makeup, soft yellow, puffs and cut-outs, knee socks
What we didn't: While the show as a show is great, I'd have to see these style differently to know how these would work as individual pieces in real life.
Who: Roksanda Ilincic
What it made us think of: Wisps of firework smoke
What we liked: neon brights against dove grey, gypsy head scarves, the pants, neon nails
What we didn't: Why isn't Roksanda a fashion rockstar?
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katie kirby said…
Roksanda's are wonderful!
Fanya said…
Meadham Kirchhoff is the collection that I'd love to wear and then realize I'm not a teenager anymore =(

Oh my goodness. The color combination and fabric choice from Roksanda Ilincic are genius! They reminds me of misty rain over the pond near a flower field. It's the only collection I've seen so far where I want every single piece.

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